Reframe your Problems

When there is an issue in life, we usually waste energy brooding over it, or we jump immediately to solve it. Instead , we need to first reframe the situation using our creativity, raise new questions, and reflect new possibilities. Reframing any issue gives us a fresh perspective to identify the best solution.

  1. Strengthen your mind daily with meditation and spiritual wisdom. Then it stops perceiving every unfamiliar or unexpected scene as a problem or an issue. They just become scenes to be crossed.
  2. Don’t attribute sizes to issue mentally, as big, huge or difficult. You are more powerful than your problems. They are an opportunity for you to emerge stronger.
  3. Pause, take a step back, silence your mind to understand what life is teaching. Your silent mind creates right questions about different possibilities. It reframes the situation, simplifies it. Your wisdom gives you a solution. 
  4. Listen to other people’s views but stand by your ethics. Don’t waste energy going back and forth deliberating, or doubting. Trust your inner voice, implement the solution.

The management sat quietly in the room. Each looked at the other. The disaster was very visible. The movie franchise had gobbled up millions of dollars. And there had been no light at the end of the tunnel. The producers reported for the studio that they had tried everything. Pre-production was excellent. CGI and Effects were just great. The principal shooting went off smoothly. The post-production was of great standards. But the story was weak and by the time everyone had come to terms with the fact, it was all over.

The marketing head sat up. Let’s reframe the problem, he said. The others looked at him grimly. No, he said, wake up guys, we have a product and we need to sell it. Let’s reframe the problem. Let’s agree on what’s to be earned and put a marketing budget that can surely pull this through. Let’s put a high marketing budget to close the problem. The room suddenly went into smiles and cheers.

The movie was released with a marketing buzz that cost equivalent to the production’s cost. It was one of the most expensive marketing pushes ever done. But they made all the money back.

We are all experts in problem solving. But we struggle to re-frame the issue to look at it from a different point of view. Creative insights and opportunities come up only when we pause to re-frame any issue.

A strong mind searches for opportunities and usually turns problems in front of it into opportunities by reframing them.

Strengthen the mind with meditation and spiritual wisdom. Turn problems into opportunities. Learn to jump over those small hurdles and see the problem as a new creative turn. You will succeed more.

Step back from the problem to see a larger picture and you will have better vision, always.

If necessary, take a step back, pause, think about something else and come back to the problem. You will have a better and viable solution. Sometimes, a greater vision is also achieved through a pause.

Trust your inner voice, even in the face of opposition or doubters. Listen to everyone, but do what your inner voice tells you to do.

Then, implement your solution most diligently. You will succeed.

Doubters shall always be there. But remind yourself that you are powerful and have the information and excellence required for turning a problem into a solution, by reframing it again. Try that everyday for exercise. You will know how to succeed in all spheres.

The film’s turnaround is now taught in management colleges as a case study. You may have even seen the film, about an oversized gorilla!!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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