Sleep Right Every Night, Bedtime Routine

“I reflect on the day, prepare my mind and body for good sleep. This way, I equip myself for a productive tomorrow.” – Bedtime routine

When a task comes across as a priority, the first thing we compromise is our sleep. It is not important to only sleep enough, but to also sleep at the right time.

  1. Although you ensure getting between 6 to 7 hrs of sleep. Do you stick to a regular sleep schedule? Do you go to bed at 12pm one day, 12 a.m. another day, or 1 a.m. at times. Going to bed on time is a choice.
  2. At night you might often be tempted to check your phone or messages or watch a video for 10 minutes. It is likely to end up taking an hour. Prepare the mind to sleep by switching off gadgets and no problem discussion an hour before sleep time.
  3. Read a positive message for 10 min and meditate. Resolve any issues on your mind. Write your daily journal. Otherwise, your body sleeps while your mind remains restless.
  4. Stick to a sleep routine, sleep early at night and rise early every morning including holidays and weekends. This sets the internal biological clock and your internal mind to a rhythm of sleep pattern. It also helps you sleep well through out the night.

Listen and reaffirm – Bedtime Routine


Bedtime routine – The Story

The young man was in the hospital with a range of ailments. The parents had flown to the city and were standing outside the ICU very clueless and disoriented.

A friend of the young man who had brought him to the hospital explained what had happened.

The young man had arrived in the big city straight after his MBA. Ambition in his eyes and energy in his veins. Work was hectic and rigorous as it is with new associates. Then, there was partying and socializing every evening that went on till late hours. Later, the young man had also enrolled in a gym. The mission was to look good too. In all this, sleep went for a toss. And he hardly noticed. He had a career, friends and a physique to look after.

The body needed rest and it was deprived of that. One day, it had to collapse. It did. And so here they were. He was only 28!

Ten days later, they wheeled him out of the ICU and into a general ward. The slow process of recuperating had to commence. The parents decided to take him back to their small-town home. He would recuperate among the green trees, goats and early evening calls of birds.

They ensured he slept by nine pm. Sleep, that had eluded him for months was difficult for him in the beginning but then the body responded.

Bedtime Routine

Make the right choice of going to bed on time.

Why the erratic sleep schedules? That’s most important for a functional human being – rest. Uneven sleep won’t do any good during the day too as you will be dragging yourself through without the requisite energy.

Switch off your gadgets one hour before sleep.

Prepare for sleep as enthusiastically as you prepare for work or meetings. Do the right things that would enable your sleep as you get into bed. And don’t watch those videos or peep into your social media. They don’t really help with sleep.

Resolve your remaining issues before bedtime.

Issues that remain in the head tend to run around in your head even when you sleep. That’s not good. Meditate if need be for ten minutes to give that correct messaging to your mind. Then, assume your best sleeping pose and go off to sleep.

Stick to your sleep routine even through weekends and holidays. That’s important. Remind yourself that your internal biological clock enables a lot of your good sleep rhythms. Allow it to work instead of jolting it with other unnecessary activities.

The son recovered. He thinned out a bit because of all the illness he had run through. But then the rest showed in his glowing face. The parents were happy that their son was back. A career could wait!

Let us revise our affirmations – Bedtime Routine

I am a peaceful being.

I prepare my mind and body for good sleep.

I withdraw from television, phone and all screens an hour before bedtime.

I withdraw from arguments or problem discussion.

I give gratitude to God, to people and to objects I used that day.

I resolve any issue on my mind.

I repeat my affirmations slowly, they are my last thoughts before I sleep.

I follow the same sleep schedules every day, including weekends and holidays.

I am powerful being.

There is beauty even in the smallest of things, if only you look closely.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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