Teamwork Matters – From ME to WE.

Each of us have unique qualities and talents that we carry into our living and working environments. We also have common personal and professional goals. If we collaborate as a team, shifting our consciousness from “ME” to “WE”, results of our collective energy and efforts exceed our expectations.

  1. Your life is your is your journey to your destination, at your speed, using your capacity and based on your values. You are not in competition with anyone.
  2. Cooperate with people. The positivity that gets created within and the blessings you get from them keeps you contented, happy and successful.
  3. Everyone is giving their best. Trust their intentions even if their methods are different from you.
  4. Have a feeling of belongingness. Create the highest vibrations for your task and the people involved in it. Respect everyone’s views and give feedback with dignity.
  5. Remember that people become victims of their negative emotions or habits. Your respect and cooperation can transform them.

The new chef was recruited into the kitchen of a world-famous restaurant after the older chef decided to retire. The new chef came with impeccable credentials of cooking in a hugely successful restaurant in another city.

The new chef was very young and had been a star from day one. The new kitchen welcomed him appropriately and a young manager introduced him to everyone. During introductions, everyone noticed that the chef kept speaking about his previous work as “my place”, “my kitchen”, “my menu” and “my success”. It sounded odd as they all knew how much hard work goes into a place by various team members, from the procurement to the waiters at the tables.

Nevertheless, the new chef got to work. A few days later, a demoralised batch of kitchen staff assembled at the manager’s door. They couldn’t work with the new chef. He could not jell with the team at all.

The manager had a responsibility on his hands. He decided to address it then and there instead of lingering with the problem.

Your Talent will be more useful if you can pull your team with you and acknowledge their work.

He called the new Chef in. He said that he was aware that the chef had unique qualities. His talent was undeniable and there were his professional and personal goals. But if he were to acknowledge the team around him, his fame would even exceed his own expectations!

The chef was quiet, and he listened. For he knew things were going wrong.

You need to move from “me” to “we” to achieve great work and even greater results.

The manager asked him to move from “me” to “we”. He said that you are so unique that your journey to your fame and destination can be achieved using your own capacity and values. You are not really in competition with anyone.

So, co-operate with people. The positivity keeps them happy and contented. And the team blesses you to be happy and contented. And they will walk through fire for you. They are giving their best. Acknowledge them. Trust them, even though they have different abilities. It will be better for the team.

It is your task force. Create a sense of belonging. The feeling of a unit. Respect their views and take their feedback. Give feedback, but with humility and dignity. They will run for you. Always.

People look for transformation as the first achievement in their sphere of work, make that happen for them by being with them.

Otherwise, they will turn negative and shaky. You need to transform them into a positive and energetic bunch. They want it and so give it. Remind yourself that you are good talent and if you spread the goodness of your talent and care among your teammates, your kitchen will be unbeatable. Your name and fame shall increase. And so will your work as a chef.

The chef listened and then implemented the learning from the manager. He is today a Michelin two-star chef. Widely respected for his work. The restaurant has weeklong bookings of the tables!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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