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“I attract positive experiences in my life with the power of my thoughts.” – Experience The Power of Attraction.

We need to remember that the law of attraction is at work always. Think carefully, your thoughts influence your reality.

  1. The law of attraction does not mean you get what you want. It means you get what you are. You are a bundle of thoughts, qualities, skills and happiness. What you are going to get will be according to them.
  2. The energy which you radiate into universe is what you manifest in your reality. What you radiate includes the energy of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Meditations and spiritual studies keeps these energies pure and positive.
  3. If you create one thought as “I am a peaceful being” but four times you create a thought “Anger is natural to me”, then again two times you think “I am peaceful”, but later again you say, “Nothing gets done without anger”. Whatever you think more often and believe strongly is what you become.
  4. Your thoughts create your destiny. Clean them and think only about the reality you want. Do not dilute your conviction with even a single negative thought of doubt or anxiety. Use your power to manifest the life you want.

Let us listen and affirm – The Power of Attraction


The power of attraction – The Story

Sometime ago, the young daughter was playing in the living room and the father was watching her. He watched her copy her mother while playing with her toys and he felt really good. He had always wanted a daughter.

He felt all was good with the world and he was getting all he always wanted.

But then, he didn’t get the department he wanted. He didn’t get the promotion he wanted. He didn’t get the team he wanted and most of all, he didn’t get the type of work he demanded.

Why was it all going awry?

One day, standing beside a roadside tea shop, he heard a man say to another that in strife, never blame other people for what’s happening to you because you don’t get what you want, you always get what you are.

That stuck with him.

He came back home. What was he? With his own bundle of idiosyncrasies, ideas, perceptions, images, feelings, relationships and thoughts. But did all that work for him? Evidently, there were some corrections needed.

Because what he wasn’t getting was maybe because of what he was failing to be. Simple as that!

The law of attraction states that you get what you are.

You attract forces and people to what you are. An alcoholic gravitates to welcoming people who like to party. A gossip wants to always be friends with another such. So, be the righteous one, and you will attract the best people who can elevate you over time.

Power of attraction
Pure and positive energy radiates and manifests in your reality.

Meditation and spiritual studies help in creating and managing pure and positive thoughts and emotions. These radiate and your reality changes like magic. No one in your vicinity can be negative at all.

Any thought that arises in you and gives strength to you is what you become.

It’s like clay. Clay is the foundation of a statue. It gets moulded into a figurine and is pliable to your own hands. Your thoughts, similarly, create you. And then you are what you are to the world.

Your thoughts create your destiny. You can use your inner power to create your life. Attract the right forces. Remind yourself that your purity and peace does attract people and situations that you want around yourself.

The father set about doing so. It was arduous at first. But later on, using his thoughts and feelings, he managed to mould his life in a new way. The changes were there to see. His family was stunned to see the positivity he radiated. He got himself new friends. At work, news travelled, and things happened to him. A promotion, increments and a corner office too!

Let us revise our affirmations – The Power of attraction

I am a wise being.

I create only pure thoughts.

My every thought influences my reality.

I create thoughts of how I want the reality to be.

For my mind I think “I am a happy being always.”

For my body I think “My body is perfect and healthy.”

For my relationships I think “I am in harmony with them.”

For my work I think “Success is certain for me.”

My thoughts manifest. I choose my destiny.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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