The Power of Routine

“I find it easiest to strengthen my good habits, just by following my routine.” – Unleash the power of routine.

When we create a discipline to set a daily routine and follow it, every task seems to fall into a plan, is done systematically and nothing is neglected.

  1. Create a daily routine to balance all aspects – emotional health, physical health, mealtimes, work hours, family time, leisure time, sleep time and wake up time.
  2. To discipline your mind and body easily to maintain the routine, begin the day with meditation at the same time daily. Study a passage of spiritual knowledge. Follow it with physical exercises.
  3. Keep your routine realistic and simple. Take advice but don’t copy others’ routines. Visualise your routine every morning for a few days, to prepare your mind and body for the day.
  4. Except for work, maintain the rest of your routine on weekends also. Do not give in to temptations. It takes only a few days for your routine to become a habit.
  5. If you skip the routine, recall its benefits – it brings discipline, keeps you organised, helps you on our commitments, and saves energy from getting depleted in unnecessary activities.

Let us listen and reaffirm- The Power of routine


Power of Routine – The Story

When the newbie writer met the famed poet for the first time, he was completely taken aback at his routine throughout the day. And also hugely surprised as to how at the age of 74, he could maintain this routine happily and productively.

The poet said that every morning, he spent about 20 minutes in meditation and nourished his inner self with 30 minutes of reading uplifting passages from his favourite spiritual masters. Then, he changed to tennis clothes and took for his favourite gymkhana near his house. Actually, walking distance. He carried his own heavy tennis bag and did wave to his neighbours but did not chat with them.

He spent an hour on the tennis court with his favourite partners and opponents. One of the partners was this famous film director cum music composer who he collaborated with, a lot. So, the sport bonding also worked well subsequently.

He came back home, bathed and always had a breakfast that nourished him. Post that, he sat at his table with his pen and paper. He wrote everyday continuously for two hours. For assignments, for collaborations or just for himself. Usually, the output was feted all over the world.

Then, he met a few people over business discussions before lunch. Lunch was a very mindful affair. Post lunch, he rested for an hour and then wrote again for an hour. Then, he tended to his garden. In the early evening, he met his clients. Thereafter he spent quality family time till 7 pm.

After a mindful and quiet dinner, he listened to music alone. Post the 9 pm news, he went to sleep.

The newbie writer knew then that the best productivity comes from a routine. A routine repeatedly makes good habits work.

Create daily routine that balances all aspects.
Power of routine

The physical aspects, the emotional aspects and the needs and requirements of the day like activity, rest, nourishment and relaxation should be factored into the routine. And the day should look balanced.

Discipline your mind and body to the rigour of your routine so that you follow it everyday.

Like the poet, make a routine that is comfortable and satisfying. It should interest you so much that you compulsively and enthusiastically follow your routine. And it should be a simple routine. Developed by you for you.

Follow your routine everyday, even on weekends and then it becomes a habit.

If you skip your routine for whatever reasons, recall the benefit that your routine brings you and how much you can derive out of your day while doing that. Remind yourself that you could be able to extract more out your time and energy by sticking to it, than otherwise. And that would make you powerful and focused.

The poet is lauded all over India and even invited to banquets where he reads his poems but they get over before 9 pm. As he wants no delay whatsoever in winding up his day or in his bed-time.

There is beauty even in the smallest of things, if only you look closely.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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