How to think before you Speak?

“Use ‘pause’ before a stimulus and your response, to choose the right thoughts and words.”

Most of us experience a ‘spur of the moment’ tendencies where we speak something that we wish we hadn’t said. if we don’t choose right thoughts then wrong thoughts come into words and embarrass us.

  1. Thoughts are an inner conversation with your own self. You create thousands of thoughts each day. Every thought is the foundation of your words and actions. Every thought influences your destiny.
  2. Every thought influences your feeling. It radiates to your body and creates health. It reaches people and creates relationships. It radiates to the world and creates your environment.
  3. Practise watching your thoughts every morning and after every hour during the day. This shifts your mind from impulsive thinking to an aware way of thinking.
  4. If something should not be spoken then it should not be in your thoughts. Do not convert negative thoughts in to sweet positive words. Conversion should be in thoughts, not into words. Shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts and then bring them into words. Keep your mind always clean. Choose only high energy words in your inner and outer conversation about yourself, other people, your situations or the world.

The worker said to the politician, “Sir, we are your followers but why do you always manage to put your foot into your mouth at public meetings. It reduces all our hard work to nothing totally!”

The politician tried a retort to the worker. But it did not come to him as he knew he was guilty of doing so in the past many a time. Wasn’t he cut out for public speaking? It wasn’t the case. He asked this to a mentor when he met him after the episode with the worker. The mentor said that there’s a process of allowing the right thoughts to come up in one’s mind. Was he following that process?

The politician asked what that process was. The mentor laughed. He knew he was speaking to a young man who had very little clue as to what went on in his own head by way of thoughts and emotions. He was just reacting to news and information that was floating all around him instead of creating a new agenda and a new vision. For which he needed new thoughts.

The chain that stems from an inner conversation to churning out a positive and correct thought must be developed.

The mentor said that thoughts are an inner conversation in the mind. The mind churns up a right thought only by having that conversation. Good thinkers know the pros and cons of every thought, having clear conversation. Then, they process the right thought that can be spoken. When spoken, they influence your destiny.

Good thoughts lead to good health. As usually, those thoughts are positive and positive things impact health nicely. It reaches others and creates great relationships. Then, it reaches the world and creates a great environment.

Positive thoughts and positive speech have to be practiced every morning like an exercise.

Practice the positive thoughts every morning, the mentor said. Speak it with vigour and pause for effect. The message will be strong and positive and will electrify people. Choose high energy words to do it right.

Get bad thoughts out of your mind, they inhibit communication progress.

And if something shouldn’t be spoken, get them out of your mind fast. They stay and they get into your speeches. Stay positive and speak eloquently. Remind yourself that you are a pure communicator with clean energy, and you speak to influence people positively. Trust me, you will bring great changes among the people around you.

The politician went away for a week from public duties and rigorously practiced what the mentor said. He has just won his first parliamentary election!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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