Think Consciously.

If I ask you a question since this morning, from the time you woke up till now of these four dimensions of activity, how much have you conducted consciously?

What percentage you think is well below 1%?

If you walk from one place to other place, there will be 25 different kinds of smells that you are not conscious of, that the body registers and records. There are hundred different kinds of sounds that the body resisters, that you are not conscious of. Like this, throughout the day and night, in wakefulness and sleep, this is happening.

When you are only conscious of less than 1% of of your activity, then definitely life will look like an accident. When 99% of the things that you are doing, you are doing unconsciously, definitely life will look accidental.

Think Consciously.

If the accident, see it is so happened, somebody fell off on the street and had a brain injury after that suddenly they started working there mathematics in a wonderful way, but that was only one. A Thousand other people will crack their skull, never get well from that or they die. For those who lived on, lived on much diminished, so being accidentally fortunate is not the way to exist.

So whenever a pleasant accident happens we say it’s destiny, some of us even say: God is doing things to me, we don’t know what went missing and something may fall here and there by chance, but that’s not the way life works, if a human being doesn’t take it upon himself or herself to make their own destiny.

Because being human being means this, that we can conduct our life consciously. Being human means this, that we can craft our life the way we want. But this destiny business is a good insurance to handle your failure, whenever you fail – ‘destiny’,

“It’s God will”. So this has been going on for a long time. This is not the fundamental nature of this culture.

In this culture, it has been taught to us, right from ancient times “our life is our karma”. Means, your life is your making. No interstellar influence on you, it’s you, whatever there are a million impacts on us, but what we make out of it is still us, isn’t it?

Live consciously – Unlock your inner genius – Think beyond Survival

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