Thinking Of Someone Constantly?

“I take care of who lives on my mind and for how long.” – Thinking of someone constantly? – Read this.

One wisdom passed down the generation is for us to constantly remember god. When we remember someone we get connected to their state of mind. We start feeling the same emotion they are feeling may be stress, fear or anger.

  1. Check if there is someone who lives on your mind, on and off. It could be someone you are emotionally attached to or even someone you resent. This means your thoughts reach them. Trigger a thought in their mind, and their thoughts reach you. You are connected thought to thought.
  2. Recall times when you suddenly feel low or uneasy and did not know why. May be you remembered someone who was worried or unhappy at that moment. Criticising, resenting, or fearing people lowers your energy.
  3. Suppose a colleague is underperforming, suggest improvement with dignity. Thereafter, don’t think negatively when you think of them or meet them. Not just during meditation but throughout the day. Even as you carry out all activities.
  4. Remember god and get connected to his frequency. He is the ocean of purity, peace and love. So you will get influenced by his vibrations and start feeling the same.

Let us listen and revise our affirmation – Thinking of someone


Thinking of someone – The Story

She cared for him immensely. She had come into his life through a series of small unplanned meetings. They had found some common ground. One thing led to another. Here they were, he meandering through his pursuits and she caring for him, immensely.

But they didn’t stay together. He was a lifelong bachelor who spoke less and who kept to himself. She, had her family to care for. Yet, she wanted to do more and more for that solitary man.

He didn’t want her coming over. He thought of her coming as an unwanted nuisance. She made him clean up his den. She fed him at the right times. He thought it was all unnecessary. But he didn’t say much. She did it out of spirit.

One day he went off somewhere. She didn’t know where. She tried finding out. She became very anxious and dispirited. She fell ill. But he didn’t return to provide her succour. He was known to do that. But she couldn’t take it this time.

A sister arrived to take charge of her. The sister saw and came to know of her attachment. The sister then decided to bring her back to life, as it were.

You are connected by thought and the thoughts need correction.

He was in her thoughts constantly. They knew of each other through their thoughts. Thought to thought. His triggers reached her. This had to be corrected. Not wiped off but corrected. She just had to think of the positive things he would be doing. Reading. Writing. Walking. Talking. Laughing. She had to connect with those thoughts. Or if connected, bring them to the fore.

Thinking of Someone

Correct the recall moments with the other person.

You felt uneasy and did not know why. It could be possible that you are thinking about him being worried. Correct that. Why would you think about him being worried? He can manage that. Think of all the good and nice that he is doing. Calm your mind with that thought.

Don’t think the negative when you meet him next.

Negativity lowers your energy. It does not touch the other person. It only affects you. So just don’t think of the negative even when you meet him next.

Meditate. Make your mind stronger. Get connected to the supreme powers at their frequency. You are influenced by their vibrations. Remind yourself that you are loving and peaceful. This is your original state. Assimilate everyone in this state.

The sister ensured she came out of her state of unwanted negativity and spread her love through the family again. After a few weeks, the man was back. But now, she could handle herself well with him. He pleasantly noted the good change and appreciated her. With just a few words!

Let us revise our affirmations – Thinking of someone

I am a powerful being.

I create my feelings.

I live and work with people. I think about them when necessary.

Else I keep a silent mind.

I energise my mind daily with meditation.

Sometimes people are not the way I expect. I don’t entangle with their energy.

I pause every hour to remember god.

I connect to god’s vibrations of purity, peace and love.

I emerge these qualities within me.

I vibrate at an frequency of divinity.

There is beauty even in the smallest of things, if only you look closely.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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