Truth: A Call For Courage To Listen

“I trigger honesty in other people by remaining strong when they share facts.” – I face the truth

Children skip school to watch a movie but do not reveal it to their parents. Employees fabricate lies to get leave sanctioned fearing that truth will not help.

  1. We need to give people the assurance that they can be honest in sharing what is on their mind. If you react when people share their truth, you give others a subtle message that you do not have the power to listen to the truth. Then, you are comfortable and happy with their lies.
  2. Whether you are a parent, team leader or a friend. Make sure that whatever be the situation, your first response is you be calm. Be stable. Understand the situation. Understand what the other person is saying. Otherwise people fear and hesitate to tell you the truth.
  3. Create a culture of transparency. People may request a favour, may give you a negative feedback or may have unpleasant news to share. Don’t label them wrong and don’t get disturbed internally. Take charge of your mind before taking charge of the situation.
  4. Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge to emerge internal qualities of patience, honesty and compassion.

Let us listen and revise our affirmations


The Truth – Story

She went back home and told her mother that the friend she was playing with in front of the gate had quietly opened the collar of their dog and the dog ran away.

It was the truth. She was young and therefore, truthful. But the parents went over to their neighbours and had a fight over this. She saw the devastating effect of her truth.

So, when the boy next door pushed her down while playing, she didn’t tell the truth. Lest, her parents go and have a fight with his parents too.

She grew up.

She started measuring the probable effect of her truth at work or at home and then said what was convenient for everyone. But then it became a problem. Because she was always having to lie and lies didn’t sit well with her.

She had to change.

We need to give her the assurance that she can be honest about sharing what is on her mind without fear.

Keep calm and prepare yourself to be told the truth.

A person like the lady above will only tell the truth if you will not react. So, keep calm. Be stable and understand the situation. Then, accept what the other person is saying. A fearful person will only get out of fear if he sees you calm.

Reaction causes lies.

A parent or a boss or even a colleague, will not hear the truth when he reacts. People get this message. People know you don’t have the strength to listen to them.

You are more comfortable with the lies. Even happy. Use your inner strength to create a culture of transparency.

Meditate every day. Get spiritual. Take charge of your state of mind with the peace that arrives. And then, allow people the liberty to speak the real truth, the negative feedback or the unpleasant news. It’s important that you do not then label them wrong. Take it ably.

You have your qualities of patience, honesty and compassion. Remind yourself to use them in all your interactions so that people speak the truth without duress. You will emerge a larger person.

The lady changed after meeting one such senior. A senior who could embrace truth, however unpleasant it was. He helped her become one of the nation’s best lawyers. And to uphold the truth always.

Let us revise our affirmations – Face the Truth

I am a loveful being.

People are comfortable with me.

They are honest and transparent.

I encourage them to be honest.

I encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings.

Age, relationships, possessions, are not a barrier.

My vibrations of respect and trust in still confidence in people to share their thoughts, mistakes and expectations.

I listen patiently, I may agree, I may not agree. I remain stable.

I appreciate their qualities.

I advise and express my suggestions.

I discipline them with dignity.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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