Understand People Before Advising Them

“I believe in people’s capacity to create change. I radiate the energy of empowerment and support to them.” – Understand People

When people come to us for advice, we spend hours to come up with the guidance. They agree with our suggestions, but sometimes they do something completely different.

  1. Your advice and suggestion for people are perfect. People seeking your guidance know that you are the solution provider. They trust your pure intention. They appreciate your ideas. Most times, they implement your idea. But sometimes they may not.
  2. Reasons could be many, it could be out of fear of failure, anxiety, lack of willpower, lack of capability, or lack of clarity to go about the next steps. Or at times people may simply not feel the need to change. Most people know what is right for them.
  3. More than advise they need the power to create a change. Apart from telling them what to do, give them support, blessings, and love. Advise and detach from the expectations of it being implemented immediately.
  4. People not accepting your opinion does not mean they disrespect you. Understand, empathise, and respect their decision. Keeping the energy right, continue to advise in future too. Remind yourself, “I advise and empower people, my self respect is not dependent on them following my advice.”

Understand People – Listen and reaffirm


Understand People – The Story

The player was a senior in the cricket team. He bowled well and he understood game situations very well. He had progressed as a resource manager within the team too. He could predict situations and plan resources very well. The captain could have allocated more responsibilities to him. But he didn’t.

Somehow, the bowler was not considered to be a team player. Somehow, he gave the impression that he didn’t mind being the maverick loner in the team.

He felt otherwise. He wanted to be accepted by the team. He felt he was good enough to give advice and he also felt that he was being disrespected by the team not taking his advice. In fact, the team didn’t do well by not taking his advice.

He needed the energy of empowerment. But how was he to develop that?

Accept the fact that people may not implement your ideas once in a while.

People don’t need to change everything every time. Sometimes, they question change. Strategy is relative to resources. So, there’s no point in feeling bad. And the reasons could vary from time to time. There could even be fears of the unknown.

Understand People
Suggest rather than advice and give the support, leave the final implementation to the others.

You can’t go and perform for others. They will do things their way. Give them the support, blessings, and love. Then detach from the expectations of it being implemented.

Your self-respect does not get eroded by someone not heeding your advice.

They don’t disrespect you. It’s just that they feel their way may be a better way. You need to understand that. But keep your response right. Keep up the energy. Continue to advice. Maybe there will be a time when your advice is more acceptable.

But acceptability is not without its pitfalls. You may be wrong about a few things. So remind yourself that you have to be humble enough to accept your fallibility in front of others.

The bowler did a complete overhaul of his thought process. He kept up his energy. Slowly, his advice was accepted. It bore fruit too. He became more humble. The team respected him for his inputs.

Let us revise our affirmations – Understand People

I am a caring being.

I care for people selflessly.

I know their strengths and talents.

Their are few things which I believe they need to change.

I share my opinion with them.

Most of the times they implement it immediately.

Sometimes they may not do it.

The advise may not match their perspective. Or they do not have the capacity to implement it as of now.

I empower them with my blessings and support.

I continue to advise them.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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