Waiting on time to heal you?

I have the power to heal and bounce back from pain, I don’t rely on time to heal me.

When we deal with pain, failure, unfulfilled desires or disappointments, people asks us to give it some time, assuring us that time heals everything. But can time really heal our wounds? Sometimes wound can get chronic if left to time.

  1. People do what they believe is right. Their words and behaviors reflect their mood or their perspective about you, or their personality. How you talk to yourself about their behaviour will decide how you feel.
  2. If you are critical about them, or you are critical about yourself, or if you feel you are not worthy because they were not nice to you. If you start talking wrongly to yourself, you create thoughts which hurt. Hurt is always your creation.
  3. How long to remain hurt is your choice. Time and other people cannot heal. Your own thoughts created the pain and your own right thoughts will heal your emotional wound.
  4. Forgive them, send them blessings. Forgiving them will be your healing.
  5. Meditate daily for 30 min and strengthen yourself to create the right thoughts about the situation which are not right, or about people who are not right to you.
  6. Don’t wait for time. You can do it today, and do it daily.

The lady had lost her husband when she was forty-one. He had gone on a departmental deputation to another city and had a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital late. He did not survive.

She blamed herself for it. People tried to be with her, but she was dealing with her pain and failure to stand by her husband in her own way. So, friends had to ask to be strong and allow time to deal with things.

Time couldn’t do much. Her pain encompassed deep seated failures, unfulfilled desires and a whole lot of disappointments that crowded her mind. It was pain that had become chronic and self-defeating.

People left her to her devices.

Actually, they did what they felt was right. But was it going to be left just to time or she needed to pick herself up just that little bit that would enable her to make a new life for herself? People would only talk or express from their own perspective. The lady had to do much more. She started to introspect with the help of her daughter one day.

Don’t be critical of others and make right thoughts happen for yourself.

She couldn’t be critical of her friends. She needed to pick the right words for herself. Be less critical of herself. Talk rightly to herself. Make powerful thoughts happen. Stop hurting herself. Stop creating thoughts that leads to hurt. She had a choice – either hurt or start being positive.

Time would then be complementary to her thoughts and enable her.

You matter, so forgive others and concentrate on your own positive thoughts for continued improvement.

Specifically, she had to be nice to herself. Wrong thoughts and pain thereof had to be discontinued. Look at a healing process through positive thoughts. Be kind to herself daily. Forgive others who are probably uncomplimentary. Others could not make her or unmake her. Only she could.

Meditation helps. A 30 minutes schedule for bringing in pure and positive thoughts into the mind helps. She would be able to govern her situations. Also, right thoughts about others result too. That would help her relationships.

Live in the present and release the past.

She decided that she wouldn’t wait for time. She could do it right away and then do it daily. She started to remind herself each day, “I am wise, my life is perfect, my past is past, and I release it. I love myself and I come first, more than anybody else. Let me live the present and make it happen for myself.”

Easier said than done. But she is picking herself these days. It’s getting better for her!

Say this to yourself.

  • I am a wise being
  • My life is perfect
  • My acceptance keeps me calm
  • I have seen unpleasant scenes in the past, I have created hurt to heal my self
  • I am contented with my efforts
  • Situations, People, were not as per my expectations. I understand that they cannot be.
  • I love myself
  • I release the past
  • Past is over
  • Present is beautiful
  • Everything is perfect

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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“I have to power to heal and bounce back from pain, I don’t rely on time to heal me!”

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