How to fill a Syringe

A. From a vial containing liquid drug e.g. – B-Complex

  1. Take a suitable syringe and attach a wide bore needle (No. 20) to it.
  2. Withdraw air into the syringe,equal to the amount of drug required.
  3. Clean the rubber stopper of the vial with spirit and pierce it with the needle, holding the vial down.
  4. The needle should just enter the vial.
  5. Now inject the air from the syringe into the vial and invert the vial.
  6. The drug will start flowing into the syringe due to the positive pressure in the vial.
  7. Take the exact amount of drug required, into the syringe and withdraw the needle with syringe out of the vial.
  8. Now change the needle & attach the thin (No. 23 or 24) needle, to be used for injection.
  9. Drive out the air, if any, in the syringe and it is ready for injection.

B. From a vial with drug in powder form eg. Streptomycin

  1. Take the vial, check drug name and date of expiry, & open the aluminium cap and clean the rubber top with spirit.
  2. Take a distilled water ampule, clean its neck with spirit, scratch it with a file and break it open using a gauze or cloth to protect your hands.
  3. Take a syringe, attach a large bore (No. 20 or 18) needle and withdraw the required amount of distilled water in it.
  4. Now insert the needle into the rubber top of the vial & inject the water into the vial.
  5. Shake the vial. If drug dissolves quickly, just invert the vial & withdraw the drug into the syringe.
  6. If drug is not easily soluble, take out the needle & roll the vial between the palms till the powder is dissolved. Avoid vigorous shaking, which will produce bubbles & froth. After the drug is dissolved completely, insert the needle again & withdraw the drug into the syringe.
  7. Change the needle, attach No. 23 or 24 needle, drive out the air from the syringe and it is ready for injection.

C. From an ampule containing liquid drug

  1. Take the ampule, check drug name & date of expiry, clean the neck of the ampule with a spirit swab.
  2. Scratch the neck deeply with a file. Support both upper & lower parts of the ampule while using a file.
  3. Now break it open, holding a gauze in right hand to protect from injury by glass piece.
  4. If a small piece of glass breaks out & falls in the ampule – the ampule must be discarded & a new one opened.
  5. Now take the syringe – attach the needle for injection directly i.e. No. 23 or 24, and slowly withdraw the drug into the syringe, without touching the needle to the neck.
  6. Drive out the air from the syringe & it is ready for use.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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