Subcutaneous Injection – Site and Technique

Sites for Subcutaneous Injection

Upper arm, thigh – mainly anterior & lateral aspects and Anterior abdominal wall.

Common Drugs

Insulins, Anti-Rabies Vaccine, Measles vaccine.

Technique Subcutaneous Injection

1. Clean the chosen site with a spirit swab. Attach a short 1/2″ needle No. 23 or No. 24 to the syringe.

2. Pinch the skin to raise a fold, between thumb and index finger of the left hand.

3. Pierce the needle at an angle of 45° to the skin & advance it under the raised fold of subcutaneous fat. The bevel of the needle should face outwards.

4. Aspirate to confirm that the needle tip is not inadvertently lying in a blood vessel.

5. Inject the drug slowly, after releasing the left hand.

6. Withdraw the needle and gently massage the site of injection with spirit swab. Ask the patient to hold the swab in position for half a minute.

7. Confirm that there is no capillary bleeding from the puncture point before leaving the patient.

Rotation of Site

When subcutaneous injections like Insulin are to be given repeatedly over long periods, the site of injection should be rotated in a definite order, so that each site is about 2″ away from the previous site.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

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